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  • Write down your equations with Math-o-mir, the mathematical paper

    Whats new in version 1.92:
    News regarding keyboard handling:
    • If you press a letter key and hold it down for about 0.3 seconds, the letter will turn into uppercase. This works for most keys – the long key hold generates a shifted character. This way, for example, instead of using Alt+Shift+R to place an uppercase ‘R’ letter into an exponent, you can use Alt+R (for 0.3 seconds).
    • You can adjust Math-o-mir to use the CapsLock key to toggle between math typing and text typing modes. If you want to use this option check: ‘Options->Keyboard->Use CapsLock to toggle typing mode’. Note that if you decide to use the CapsLock to toggle the typing mode, you can still use Shift+CapsLock to activate/deactivate the CapsLock function.
    • Keystrokes ‘i.’ and ‘j.’ will now typecast ‘i’ and ‘j’ letters into italic-serif font, intended to depict imaginary units. If you need to generate ‘i( )’ and ‘j( )’ functions instead, you should use ‘\\i’ and ‘\\j’ commands. I believe that imaginary units are typed more often...

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